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The Bloody Tough BT50

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1The Bloody Tough BT50 Empty The Bloody Tough BT50 on Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:41 pm


ML barina SOHC
Car: 2008 Mazda BT50 SDX Dual Cab


Motor:3.0L Turbo Diesel (VT clubby killer)

Mileage: 0

Modifications:UHF, white one way on back window, stone guard lined tray

Long Description:
Bought this car brand new at the start of the year, changed from a BF XR6 (falcon for those playing at home), anyways it was the best 5 months ive ever spent in a car, glad it was mine, glad it was new, and glad it was a mazda.... id buy another one right now

here is pretty much how she was the day (night) i drove her away from the new car lot at key mazda
The Bloody Tough BT50 N1366936522_186077_4223

the night (30 mins after buying it)
The Bloody Tough BT50 IMG_1330
out of there, ready for a 9pm gernie
The Bloody Tough BT50 IMG_1337

The Bloody Tough BT50 IMG_1349

The Bloody Tough BT50 IMG_1429

The Bloody Tough BT50 IMG_1750

The Bloody Tough BT50 IMG_1753

probably about 60kph into a tree that looks small but heavy enough to not be able to lift it.... story is we were doing time trials around the make shift track, so much dust after ripping a tree out and dislodging my rear tail light and hitting the only mud hole in all of townsville, i drove out of the dust and saw that, squeezed really hard and still hit it
The Bloody Tough BT50 IMG_1779

The Bloody Tough BT50 IMG_1780

peaceful day at mount stuart... when it was flowing
The Bloody Tough BT50 IMG_1868

is that? .... yes thats my BT50!
The Bloody Tough BT50 N1366936522_378814_5501125

the last time we took them out..... i wasnt bogged until i had to get someone else out (black river)

The Bloody Tough BT50 9520_151388733473_567068473_3556147_5059465_n

The Bloody Tough BT50 9520_151388768473_567068473_3556153_1485004_n
The Bloody Tough BT50 9520_151388783473_567068473_3556155_6601366_n
The Bloody Tough BT50 9520_151388788473_567068473_3556156_3814147_n
The Bloody Tough BT50 9520_151388798473_567068473_3556158_2080917_n

actually had sand and water in the airbox
The Bloody Tough BT50 9520_151388813473_567068473_3556160_3313513_n
The Bloody Tough BT50 9520_151388868473_567068473_3556165_7820796_n

didnt get out until 7-8pm
The Bloody Tough BT50 9520_151388928473_567068473_3556175_578132_n

so if your after a cheap(er than hilux) 4x4 look no more, not only is it cheaper, but comfortable more power that i actually (and can be verified) flogged a VT clubsport and mazda MX-5 in a traffic light drag race.... flogged i mean a corolla behind me got infront of the MX-5... there was engine reving from all 3 cars, trust me

2The Bloody Tough BT50 Empty Re: The Bloody Tough BT50 on Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:59 am


2IC aka Jesus
epic man! might even out 4wd a lil sierra floating around here somewhere

Active member of the HJ's Krew, Townsville branch.

3The Bloody Tough BT50 Empty Re: The Bloody Tough BT50 on Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:32 pm


10 second mk3 gti with black rims
Pfft sif lol. And that VT would have been driven by a tool to get beaten lol. That said I love these things. Dunno if I'd be driving through salt water in one though...

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