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The car with many names (most of them not swearwords!)

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brown mightyboy
Hey guys some of you know me already but for those who don't I'm Aidan and I'm a Datsaholic. My daily\weekend warrior is this attitude filled 1975 Datsun 120Y. I've had it since about june 2005 I think, it was just before I left Maccas. Anyways yeah I love participating and helping with motorsport around the region (particularly rally) so I joined the Townsville City Autosports Club (TCAC) soon after buying the car.

So yeah if you see me around don't be afraid to say hi, I'm just really bad with names so I'll probly look munted or something.
Car 2007
The car with many names (most of them not swearwords!) 12885


10 second mk3 gti with black rims
I once slept with a chick that lived in one of those for a few months haha. What have you done to her mate?


brown mightyboy
It's been back and forth since I wasted my better motor but so far:

- Weber 32\36 Downdraft carby
- 1 3\4 exhaust system, single muffler dumped before diff (not now thanks to some observations from a certain plop.. uh I mean plod.)
- Datsun Stanza front end
- Datsun Sunny parts raid (Larger A14 and stronger gearbox)
- Played around with tyre profiles and suspension setup (going to fix that again in the next few months
- Rear swaybar (wouldn't mind redoing that so the bar is on the body rather than the axle as it helps lighten the unsprung weight)

Basically the car is a bit of a guinea pig for my Coupe project but the plan for that is to have it homogligated to a suitable rally class or circuit class, rally more liklley cos it's the car is more flexible in terms of what it can enter.

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